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Atlas of Jefferson County, NY    1864

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Contents of the CDROM 
Atlas of Jefferson County 1864  CDROM Click here to see a low-resolution copy of the PDF file.  (1.5 MB)   The images you see will not be legible., but you can see the format and coverage of the atlas.  The CDROM version is fully legible.

Opening Page The CDROM the entire atlas in a book-like PDF file.

 The Title Page (seen left) has a clickable lust of the 22 towns.

 There are 72 separate maps on the CD. 

Village detail maps are provided for the more populous villages.
Table of Contents

1 Title Page
2 Hungerford Institute Picture
3 Index
4 Table of Distances
5 Adams
6 Adams Village
7 Adams Center, etc
8 Alexandria
9 Theresa Village , etc
10 Antwerp
11 Antwerp Village, etc
12 Brownville
13 Brownsville Village, etc
14 Cape Vincent
15 Cape Vincent Village, etc
16 Champion
17 Evens Mills Village, etc
18 Clayton
19 Clayton Villages, etc
20 Ellisburgh
21 Belleville Village, etc
22 Henderson

23 Hounsfield
24 Sackets Harbor
25 Leray
26 Lorraine
27 Lyme
28 Statistics
29 Orleans
30 Pamelia
31 Philadelphia 
32 Rodman
33 Rutland
34 Theresa
35 Watertown
36 Watertown Village
37 North Watertown
38 Brookside Cemetery
39 Wilna
40 Carthage
41 Worth
42 Map of Jefferson County

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