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Map of Washington County, New York 

1853 - CDROM

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Old Maps of Washington Co NY, 1853 Cartouche
The 1853 "Map of Washington County, New York"  is now available as a reproduction.  The original map (a large wall map) was the first complete view of who lived where in the 17 towns of Washington County. 1000s of sites - homes, schools, churches and businesses- are located and named. All maps and data on the original have been scanned for this reproduction.

The map is available both as a wall map and as a CDROM.  The wall map (the original format) comes in two sizes.  For the CDROM the map has been "taken apart" into into separate town and village maps.

To view a sample of what the publication looks like, click on the link below, or right click an and 'save target as' to download to your computer.     Sample PDF

This is a greatly reduced quality copy of the entire publication.
Names are illegible, but this demonstrates the publication format and gives a visual reference for what is included.

  • 26 Town and village maps
  • Statistical Data

  • Business Directories

  • Pictures of Prominent Homes

  • CD-ROM, Adobe PDF format

Washington County Vermont 1853 CDROM              $30.00

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