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Maps of Rhode Island
Historical Maps of Block Island
All maps have original size of 11"x14"

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Old Map of Block Island - 1870  Old Map of Block Island - 1870  Old Map of Block Island - 1855  Old Map of Block Island - 1850  Old Map of Block Island - 1831 
Block Island - 1870
This is a custom map, made from the 1870 Beers Atlas map of New Shoreham 
New Shoreham (Block Island) - 1870
Block Island and Business Listings from the
1870 Beers Atlas 
Block Island - 1855
This map shows a few homeowner names,
it is excerpted from the
1885 State Map 
Block Island - 1850
This map shows homeowner names and several places of interest, and was excerpted from the large wall map of Newport County, 1850 
Block Island - 1831
This map shows a few place names but no homeowner names, and is somewhat fuzzy due to being very small on the original 1831 State Map from which it was excerpted 
The maps above are all excerpts from larger maps or collections.  Follow a link below a picture to see more of each original map. 

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