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Map of  Rhode Island 1855 and 1831
Combination CDROM  Edition
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1855 & 1831 Maps of Rhode Island Combo CDROM
A CD ROM reproduction of the 1855 Map of the State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations by H.F. Walling and the 1831 Topographical Map of the State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantaions by James Stevens.  The 1855 map was a large wall map showing every home, school, church and business in rural Rhode Island*, each with the owner's name. 1000s of sites - homes, schools, churches and businesses- are located and named. The 1831 map included thousands of interesting placenames, and also identified a number of homeowners.  All maps and data on the originals have been scanned for this reproduction. The publication is in a PDF file, an easy to use book-like format.  A few names are missing due to defects in the original maps.   Click on a year to see the entire maps - 1855 or 1831.

* The rural town maps generally show all homeowner names, while the village and city maps only show a few homeowners and businesses due to space limitations.

  • 37 town and village maps for the 31 towns (1855)
  • Statistics including population and manufacturing
  • CD-ROM, PDF format
  • All the old roads

See example maps / PDF


Rhode Island 1855 and 1833 State Maps    Combo CDROM       $30.00 +  $4.00 s/h
1855 & 1831 Maps of Rhode Island Combo CDROM
Rhode Island 1855 State Map      LIBRARY EDITION CD + PAPER     $48.00 +  $8.00 s/h
  - Paper Prints are loose sheets, black & white, 11"x 17".  45 pages
                        Some names very small (use CD for best legibility) 
   ---1855 Map Only---
1855 Map of Rhode Island CDROM

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