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A Chart of Nantucket Shoals
Captain  Paul Pinkham
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Chart of Nantucket Shoals, 1791
original map size 28" x 42"

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Chart of Nantucket Shoals, 1791 Cartouche 
Chart of Nantucket Shoals, 1791 DetailChart of Nantucket Shoals, 1791 Detail
  Close-up of Edgartown on Martha's Vineyard, and Nantucket Village windmills - tall objects which could be seen from afar at sea.

Below:   "To all whom it may Concern" - which tells us that Nantucket Shoals are "...a terror to all Navigators..." and that this new map is very accurate (see transcript beneath the original image)
Below:  A statement by the publisher that previous surveys of the Nantucket Shoals were quite bad, and that this new map, based on surveys using the new Nantucket Lighthouse, has been tested at sea, and found to be very accuratre
Chart of Nantucket Shoals, 1791  Chart of Nantucket Shoals, 1791 

To all whom it may concern

As there never has yet been Published an Accurate Chart of Nantucket Shoals.

These are to certify that when the Light House was building on Nantucket Point in 1784 this survey of the Shoals was made from the lantern (an opportunity never before had for so valuable a purpose) by Capt. Paul Pinkham and others by the help of the best Compasses and Instruments that could be procured, and it has been proved by Experience to be the most accurate Chart ever offered to the Public of those dangerous shoals,(Which are a terror to all Navigators) which has been run by with the greatest safety, and is fully approved and that the publication of this Chart from its Accuracy cannot fail to be greatly beneficial to all navigators who may fall in with said Shoals is the Judgement of us

Nantucket September 1, 1790                                          Jonathan Cartright
                                                                                          [and others]

The many surveyors who have attempted the survey of the Island of Nantucket with the Shoals around it And whose charts have been published, have from experience proved very incorrect and Erroneous more particularly The shoals which lying at to great a distance from the land have hitherto been laid down from information only from hence has arisen great errors and inaccuracies in the various Charts published of those goals.

In considering their dangerous situation and the dread they are to all Navigators who frequent the coast as well as the great utility of a Correct Chart I have been induced to use my best Endeavors to obtain a New and Accurate Survey of the Shoals Easterly of the Island being taken from the Light House on Nantucket Point in 1784 which emminence affortded a large and ______ prospect of the Shoals and from which their true bearing was had with precision and certainty. I hereby certify that the Chart hereunto armored? have been carefully examined by warrantable Pilots & Navigators and run by for four years with safety is fully approved and by them Certified.

Nantucket September 1, 1790               Peleg Coffen Junior


Revised: 08/22/17
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