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1836 Map of Provincetown MA
An excerpt from the detailed Cape Cod Harbor map
Provincetown Maps          Cape Cod Maps

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Provincetown 1836 Map
1836 Map of Provincetown 1836 Map of Provincetown & Truro

1836 Maps of the Provincetown area, Massachusetts
Two excerpts from  "A Map of the Extremity of Cape Cod" by the  US Bureau of Topographical Engineers
Rumsey Collection
Click the map to see a more detailed copy.

(The image is degraded for the web, but it shows the areas covered by the map.)


 Cape Cod Harbor 1836 Full Map
A Map of the Extremity of Cape Cod....
This is the original map from which our "Provincetown 1836 " map was made.
The full "Extremity of Cape Cod"  map measures 5' x 6'. Our excerpted map (top of page) is offered as a reprint in 3 sizes. 
Click on the map to see a low-resolution image of the "extremity" map.  For prints of the whole map, send an email
This remarkably detailed map was made over three years by the US Bureau of Topographic Engineers, predecessor to today's Army Corp of Engineers.

 It is a very accurate map showing buildings, the shoreline and water depths for Provincetown and surroundings.  Our print is excerpted from the much larger original map (image to the left).

Below we show sections of the map, including the Legend (which is not included on our 1836 Provincetown edition).

Purchasing information is at the bottom of the page.
Provincetown 1836 Map detail
Above, "downtown" Provincetown in 1836. Each wharf is named , as are principal buildings. The names "Parker" and Lothrop" may denote prominent citizens, as most of the private buildings are not identified.
The long rectangles are salt-drying facilities.
The numbered circles on the hillside are surveying control points. Accurate mapping at the time was based on triangulation points,  physical monuments on high, open locations, whose position could be determined by measuring intersecting angles from other known points. 
Provincetown 1836 Map
The area around the Race Point Light House was very active, with a cluster of Fisherman's and Pilots's Huts.  The "Tide Staff" was probably a wooden stake with elevation markings so a sailor could see at a glance how shallow the water was.
Provincetown 1836 Map Legend

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