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Map of Cumberland County, Maine 1857
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Map of Cumberland County, Maine 1857  CDROM
See example maps / PDF
A CD ROM reproduction of the 1857 Topographical Map of Cumberland County, Maine by Sidney Baker. The original map was the first complete view of who lived in the 26 towns. 1000s of sites - homes, schools, churches and businesses- are located and named. All maps and data on the original have been scanned for this reproduction. The publication is in a PDF file, an easy to use book-like format.

We also offer a Library Edition, CD+ Paper (11" x 17", black & white only, loose sheets).  This is valuable for quick reference and for photocopying, especially for libraries.  But, several of the town maps are very hard to read on the Cumberland County map in the 11"x17" size. For full legibility, use the CDROM.

Also available as:
Reprint of the Whole Map, suitable for wall hanging 
  • 56 town and village maps
  • 1850 Census Info
  • Business Directories
  • Statistical Data
  • pictorial engravings of prominent buildings
  • CD-ROM, PDF format


Cumberland county section
Cumberland County Maine 1857 CDROM            $30.00 +  $4.00 shipping/handling
Cumberland 1857 CD
 Cumberland Co 1857  LIBRARY EDITION - CD  + PAPER         $48.00 +  $8.00 s/h
  - Paper Prints are loose sheets, black & white, 11"x 17".  67 pages
                        Some names very small (use CD for best legibility)
Cumberland County, Maine, 1857 CD printout  

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