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Old Topographical Maps
of Baltimore, MD
   Composite Maps of the District through time.
Each map made from several US Geological Survey maps

For a free low-res download or to see more, click on a map.
(you don't need to buy a print from us - you can just print your own copy using these free reduced-size files)

 Baltimore Home
Topographical Map of Baltimore, MD 1944 Topographical Map of Baltimore, MD 1953

We offer these prints in three sizes

   24" x 32"   (recommended)  $30 + $8 s/h
18" x 24"  (small text, fully legible)  $20 + $8 s/h
   36" x 48" enlarged  $50 + $10 s/h
1944  -  A Composite made from six USGS Topographical maps:  Cockeysville, Towson, Baltimore West, Baltimore East, Relay,
 and Curtis Bay
1953  -  A Composite made from six USGS Topographical maps:  Baltimore West, Baltimore East, Cockeysville, Townson, Relay,
 and Curtis Bay

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Type the name and size of the map you want (from above):
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($38 is for one full size map +  $8 shipping,
change to $28 for the 18x24 reduced size.)

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24"x32" full size print  -    $30 per map + $8 s/h
18"x24" reduced print  -    $20 per map + $8 s/h
36"x48" enlarged print  -   $50 per map + $10 s/h

These prints are shipped in a tube, Priority Mail.

For more than one map, shipping is 1/2  extra ($4) for each additional map.

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