1892 Town & Village Map Prints
From the Town and City Atlas of the State of New Hampshire by D.H. Hurd

This list shows the available maps. Click to see a preview image.
Alstead_web.jpg Keene_Ward1_web.jpg Stoddard_web.jpg
Chesterfield_web.jpg Keene_Ward2_web.jpg Sullivan_Special_8x14_web.jpg
Dublin_Harrisville_web.jpg Keene_Ward3_web.jpg Surry_Special_11x14_web.jpg
Dublin_Special_8x14_web.jpg Keene_Ward4_web.jpg Swanzey_Special_11x12_web.jpg
Fitzwilliam_web.jpg Keene_Ward5_web.jpg Swanzey_Surry_Hinsdale_18x29_web.jpg
Gilsum_Special_10x11_web.jpg Marlborough_PO_web.jpg Swanzey_Villages_11x17_web.jpg
HarrisvillePO_8x14_web.jpg Marlborough_Special_7x10_web.jpg Troy_Special_10x17_web.jpg
Harrisville_Special_6x13_web.jpg Marlborough_Troy_web.jpg WalpolePO_NorthWalpole_web.jpg
Hinsdale_PO_web.jpg Marlow_web.jpg Walpole_Special_10x14_web.jpg
Hinsdale_Special_10x16_web.jpg Nelson_Rindge_web.jpg Walpole_Sullivan_web.jpg
Jaffrey_web.jpg Nelson_Special_12x13_web.jpg Westmoreland_Gilsum_web.jpg
Keene_1892_PRINT_web.jpg Richmond_web.jpg Winchester_18x29_web.jpg
Keene_Ward1-2_web.jpg Rindge_Special_10x17_web.jpg Winchester_Villages_18x19_web.jpg
Most of the maps listed above have an original size of 15" x 18", and work well in the 11"x14" or 16"x20" sizes.
Those with filenames ending in "18x29" are nearly illegible at the 11"x14" size.
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11"x14" (or17)   -    $10 per map + $4 s/h
16"x20"         -         $20 per map + $8 s/h

We offer these maps at 11" x 14" and enlarged at 16x20. The enlarged size makes it easy for you and your guests to enjoy the maps as a group.  All names are fully legible on the smaller size.

If you want more than one map, the shipping is 1/2  extra ($2 or $4) for each additional map shipped.  Type in the extra maps in the Additional Description box, or just send us an email:   info@old-maps.com with details.


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