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Map of the State of Vermont
Every road and every house in Vermont

A CD ROM reproduction of the 1860 "Map of the State of Vermont" .  The original map was the first single map to show every road in the state. House locations are shown by small dots. There is a separate Geological Map of the state, and close-up detail maps of the principal town centers.

Several hundred home and business owners (the subscribers)  are identified by name in two places - on the map and in a listing with their profession. 

A noted feature of this 1860 map is the route of the Crown-Point Military Road, built a century earlier.  This famous colonial road crossed the state from Springfield on the Connecticut River to Shoreham and Addison on Lake Champlain.

To see an example, click on ORWELL, a typical town section of the map.   

This CD-ROM contains a complete scan of the original 1860 wall map. The 61"x63" map has been scanned at 300dpi (dots per inch) and is presented here in two separate formats, PDF (1) and JPEG (2-4).

1. As one full image as a PDF file, at 150 dpi. This file is very convenient to use. Most readers already have a copy of the widely used Adobe Reader software needed to view the map in this format. For those who do not have a copy, we provide a free copy of Adobe Reader 7. All but the finest lettering is legible in this format.
2. As one full image as a JPEG image file at 150 dpi, and at 75 dpi. The smaller version is provided for those who have older computers.
3. Divided into 4 full quality 300dpi JPEG files. The original map at the Vermont Historical Society exists as 4 separate sheets, and we scanned them as is. We issue images divided in the this manner to make viewing possible on the average computer. These are are large, high quality files.
4. Divided into counties. Because these sections are smaller files, they are easier to work with when looking at individual towns.

You can buy the 1860 map by credit card (use one of the two icons below) or by mailing a check for $34 to Old Maps, PO Box 54, West Chesterfield, NH 03466. If you mail, be sure to add a note stating that you are buying the 1860 map on CD.

1860 Map CDROM
We are now offering a reprint version of this map reproduced at full size, split on two sheets of paper. Each sheet has a 1/2" overlap, and combined the full size is 64"x64".
A laminated version is also available. Shipping is $8.

Whole Map Print 2 Sheets

Whole Map Print 2 Sheets

County prints are available for $28 each.  Size is about 18"x24". Send an email for more info. Be sure to mention "1860 Walling State Map".

Revised: 06/22/10
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