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Old Maps of Vermont at the Vermont History Expo 2014
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Largest Display of Old Vermont Maps - at History Expo in Tunbridge

At Vermont History Expo this year we will have a large display of old Vermont State Maps. These are reproductions acquired from sources such as the Library of Congress, the VT and NH Historical Societies, the Harvard Map collection, Middlebury College and other places.

This is a rare opportunity to see all these maps in one place. We only show all these maps at History Expo in Tunbridge every 2 years. Visitors are encouraged to take pictures for their personal use.

We will have more than 20 large maps on display, including this "sideways" map, the first map to use the word "Vermont" , and the 1789 Blodget map with ancient town names no longer in use today. Does anyone know where Billymead is? or Saltash?

The Blanchard and Langdon map, made before there was a Vermont, shows a large vacant area between the Connecticut River and Lake Champlain. This was a war zone when the map was published in 1761 - the army of France controlled the North including lands near Burlington on the lake, while Great Britain dominated the south and east.

Other Colonial maps like the Jefferys 1768 map show town land grants after the French and Indian war ended. These towns were created by the Province of New Hampshire. The Sauthier map of 1779 shows New York created towns - overlapping many of those from New Hampshire. Land titles in this period were a confusing mess.

And the Whitelaw map of 1796, a very detailed and accurate map showing all the towns and principal roads in the state. A few houses are even shown, such as surveyor' Whitelaw's house in Ryegate.

This Vermont map was published in Germany by Daniel Sotzman - it's part of a large atlas. The information here is not as up to date as Whitelaw's map, but it is a very attractive piece.

Our displays will include copies of several maps published in American atlases, like the 1814 Doolittle map , a beautifully colored print showing every town, many with their older names, the Carey map of 1822 with its prominent mountain ridgelines, and the Colton Map of 1856, a nice map showing all the railroads.

We'll have a full-size replica of the 1860 Walling state map - a bedsheet sized wall map which shows every house in the state with a small dot, and has historical facts like the location of the old Crown Point Military Road.

You can see all these maps and more - the largest display of old Vermont state maps - at Vermont History Expo in Tunbridge, June 21-22.

Revised: 06/17/14
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