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Frequently Asked Questions

If you don't find an answer to your question here, just drop us an email.

Q: What is your Returns Policy?
We do not accept returns unless there is some extraordinary reason, such as a defective print or CD. In such cases you must email first to get authorization.
All our printed maps are printed after we receive your order.

Q: I'm a retail store, how can I display your products?
 See here

Q: I don't have a PayPal account, can I still buy your maps online?
Absolutely. We use PayPal to accept credit cards, and no account with them is required.
If you're still having trouble using your credit card through our website, Click Here

Q:  How do I pay for a Special Order?
      Special orders are easy. Just go the Special Order form at the bottom of the Contact Us page.  You can buy anything here, as long as you make it clear to us what you are paying for. You can get some help with the form here

Q:   The web site adds too much for shipping multiple maps. What do  I do
   Our web site is not as tidy as we would like.  If you are buying 3-4 copies of the same map and the web site charges you full shipping/handling for each map, that's not good!  We only charge 1/2 for each additional map. For example, we charge $8 s/h for one large map rolled. 3 copies are $16 s/h ($4 for each of the others).  Use the Special Order form to get around this problem. You can also send an email.

Q: What format are the maps on CD? What do I get on a CD?
     Most of our CD's contain maps in a PDF file. This is an open format that most computers can read. We provide Windows version's of the Adobe® Reader® Software on the CD, but the latest version can always be download from Adobe. Some CD's contain JPEG or TIFF images of maps, for more information refer to the product description (if you find that unclear, send us an email).

Q: What program do I use to view PDF files on the CDROMS?
We usually recommend that people use the latest version of Adobe® Reader®, see the Get Adobe® Reader® button in the left sidebar.

Q:  Can I buy the CDs in stores?
Yes, we have maps and CDs at many retail stores in Vermont, Massachusetts & New Hampshire. Contact us to find the closest one near you.

Q: How do I print/enlarge a section of a map?
To print a small area of the map, if you are using Adobe Reader, you simply zoom into the area you want to print, select PRINT (or press ctrl-P) and then select the print range "Current View". This option wont be available if you have more than one page on your screen at a time.
     Similarly, to extract a small piece of map out into other software, just use the Windows Clipboard feature. Zoom in to the area you want and press your Print Screen button. The screen image will now be in the clipboard, and can be easily pasted into other software (such as an image editing program or word processor). You will need to crop some of the edges of this screenshot, as it will include extraneous non-map images.

Q:  The map I want isn't available, do you have plans to get it?
We're constantly scanning new maps, and if there is demand for a specific map we'd like to hear from you so we can go out and get it. We also have several maps that are still in the process of being scanned or complied, so if you're curious don't hesitate to inquire.

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